Melanie C doesn’t think Victoria Beckham suited her Posh Spice nickname.

Melanie C doesn’t think Victoria Beckham suited her Posh Spice nickname.

Melanie C suited Victoria Beckham nickname. The Spice Girls – which also included Melanie B, Emma Bunton and Geri
Halliwell – were all given nicknames on the back of a Top Of The Pops magazine story in 1996, but Mel believes Victoria’s showbiz moniker
was the least appropriate.

Melanie C suited Victoria Beckham nickname

She said: “That is probably the one which rings the least true.”

On the other hand, she claimed that Mel B’s Scary Spice nickname was
the most appropriate.

Mel – who was known as Sporty Spice during her time with the girl
group – explained: “Scary makes sense. She is petrifying. I remember
at times being on tour, and I am sure everyone has people in their
lives when they hear their footsteps coming down the corridor you
cower – that is how scary she can be. I love her.”
She admitted, too, that Emma’s Baby Spice nickname was similarly
accurate on account of her being the youngest member of the
record-breaking band.

Mel told BBC Satellite radio: “She is the youngest, and she will
always be the youngest and the baby. It is quite nice.”

Melanie C suited Victoria Beckham nickname

By contrast, she claimed that Geri’s name Ginger Spice has become
increasingly less relevant over time.
Mel said: “She is not the bright ginger she was back in the day, there
is definitely some red tones.”And in regards to her own nickname Sporty Spice,

Mel admitted it hasalways been something she has taken as a compliment.
The 43-year-old star – whose real name is Melanie Chisholm – shared:
“Obviously one of the great things is that we had our individuality
and it appealed to so many different kinds of girls. But my nickname
came more from the way I dressed.
“It was just a silly thing in the front of a magazine, and I don’t
suppose that the person who thought it up knew it would stick. In
America they didn’t know our names.”

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