Pam Hogg works “18 hour days”.

Pam Hogg works 18 hour days Fearne Cotton.

The British fashion designer Pam Hogg – who launched her debut fashion collection in 1981 and is known for her eccentric garments – will create garments based on how she is feeling that day, and she will “lock myself away” for hours on end to complete the piece from start to finish on her own.

Speaking to Fearne Cotton as part of her video series with The Huffington Post UK titled ‘Fearne on Fashion’, the blonde star said: “There were different connotations when I was younger. The word vulgar meant really distasteful.

The British fashion designer Pam Hogg

“As time has gone on I just thought, this is great because actually it’s an unorthodox way of thinking and that’s exactly the way I work. It’s embracing the differences and not the normal acceptance of what is beautiful.

“I just do whatever I feel. When I research it’s in my head, things just pour out.

“I do, I make every piece myself, so I go into my own little zone, and I lock myself away in my studio, sometimes doing 18 hours days just working non-stop.”

And the creative mastermind will find herself pattern cutting on the floor during her intense and chaotic sessions.

She said: “I work on the floor a lot s well. I work in chaos. Nothing is very organised.”

And Fearne – who has four-year-old son Rex and 17-month-old daughter Honey with her husband Jesse Wood – has described Pam as a “legendary fashion pioneer and rock star”.

Speaking in the video, the video personality said: “What do you get when you cross ‘Fearne on Fashion’, a designer with cult status who totally ignores the main stream, and a naked catsuit, well you’re about to find out as we start a fashion revolution against the trend.

“Legendary fashion pioneer and rock star Pam Hogg Is famed  for her daring, unorthodox and statement designs.”

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